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Leisurely sail along the Norfolk Broads

Cherie Thiessen / Delta Optimist July 29, 2016 My partner and skipper, David Dossor, loves munching kippers or a ploughman’s lunch while sipping the ales on tap in Britain’s historic pubs. Our friends, Gerry McKeating and Pat Crossley, are avid and expert birders who have come on this trip specifically for the best bird watching […]

Discover the Southern Gulf Islands

Vancouver Sun, July 15 2016 We live within a life ring’s toss of one of the 52 places the New York Times recommended you should visit this year. Board a B.C. Ferry and within an hour you can be at the first of five Southern Gulf Island gems. We tried to visit them all in one […]

Destination – The Perfect Penders

North and South Pender combined may only be 36.6 sq. kilometres – but trust me – lots of attractions are crammed into these compact islands. Start with three marinas, one marine park, three public docks, and abundant bays and nooks for daytime anchoring. Then add accessible hiking opportunities; nearby campsites if your cockpit is spilling […]

Destination – Portland Island – A Park for all Seasons

For quiet hikes or island walks without seeing a soul, for pocket beaches perfect for swimming, for delving into island history, for checking out flora and fauna, for beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches, or for just lazily relaxing at anchor, there are all kinds of reasons to visit Portland Island. Long a popular day or […]

The Global Forest by Diana Beresford-Kroeger

The Global Forest by Diana Beresford-Kroeger Publisher: Viking Price: $32.50 hardcover ISBN: 978-067-002174-1 Page count: 192 pp. Size: 5 ½  x 8 ½ Released: May You could call them essays, or you could call them refrains, as this Irish born author does. In the introduction to her forty mini chapters on a sylvan theme, she […]

In the Fabled East, by Adam Lewis Schroeder

BC Bookworld Review – In the Fabled East, Adam Lewis Schroeder (Douglas & McIntyre, $29.95) Review by Cherie Thiessen Myth and Mayhem It’s the subject of many a myth and story – the search for eternal life and Shangri La. Sure, it’s hackneyed, but it still sucks us in, especially in the hands of a […]

The Moon’s Fireflies, by Benjamin Madison

BC Bookworld Review – The Moon’s Fireflies, by Benjamin Madison, Published by Oolichan Books, $18.95 Review by Cherie Thiessen Some things, like Cabernet Sauvignon, need time to develop their flavours. Madison feels that way about his first anthology of short stories based on his life in Africa over twenty years ago. We often take years […]

A Saturna Sojourn

We can never figure out why boaters don’t spend more time at Saturna’s Winter Cove. It’s packed every July 1st, during the annual lamb barbecue, but a day later most anchors are hoisted up and vessels depart, their crew never having really experienced Saturna’s charms. Perhaps it’s because the cove seems quite remote, with the […]

White Water and White Knuckles

For Traveler Magazine Question: How do two ‘girlfriends’ celebrate their 60th birthdays? Answer: Well it obviously has to be naked bungy jumping or whitewater rafting. Given our age, the latter seemed a kinder option for all involved. When it comes to slamming into 2 storey waves and getting sucked down, chewed up and spit out […]

Romancing the Stone – Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

(Second rights – www.TravelWritersTales.com, www.touristtravel.com, and www.wavejourney.com, March, 2009.) In the old days we knew it as Lord Jim Resort, a collection of chalets and cottages on a pretty part of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, picturesquely named Halfmoon Bay. We would drop in for a decent meal overlooking the sea, or sometimes we would sail […]

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