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Life on the Edge – Oregon’s Coastal Cornucopia

First appeared on Virgin Airlines’ Website, 12/03/09. Whale watching, jet boat mail delivering, sand dune scaling, misty meandering on empty, wave thumped beaches, or swallowing ‘razors’ at surfside restaurants – it’s impossible to tire of Oregon’s 286-mile coastal strip. We’ve been trundling along here for over 30 years and still haven’t left our footprints on […]

Quebec’s Magical Magdelens

(First appeared on the website www.wavejourney.com, and longer story at www.transitionsabroad.com) Quebec’s Magdalen Islands, curled in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, have fascinated me ever since I learned of the Acadians in high school history. More commonly called Les Îles de la Madeleine by the Francophone majority, the islands are 95 km. […]

Locking in the Rain – Splashing, bashing, and sipping our way along France’s Nivernais Canal

(First appeared in Westworld Alberta, spring 2009.) This is no place to suffer from caffeine overdose. This wheel’s sensitive and there can’t be more than 2 inches between our spiffy 36’ cruiser and the concrete sides of the lock. We’re entering the Sardy staircase, a series of 16 locks within a tumble of each other. […]

Two Wheeled Tourism – cycling New Zealand’s North Island

(First appeared on www.touristtravel.com, 4/07 second rights Vancouver Sun 5/07.) Maori legend has it that at the site of the famous pohutukawa tree located at Cape Reinga, Maori spirits depart on their journey to their final resting place. A weathered white lighthouse also marks this northernmost point of New Zealand where the Pacific Ocean and […]

A Fractional Piece of Paradise – Mayne Island Resort

A Fractional Piece of Paradise – Mayne Island Resort (First appeared in Aqua Magazine, 05/10.) Six years ago Murray and Kim Rosengren arrived on Mayne Island from the Fraser Valley. Like many visitors before them, they fell in love with the seductive charm of the Bennett Bay area: the sweep of sandy beach, a rarity […]

Riding the Rails – The Indian Pacific

(First appeared on the website www.wavejourney.com, 4/10. Second rights, Just for Canadian Doctors, and Just for Canadian Dentists Magazines, 9/10.) I’m in the Aussie outback ghost town of Cook, population 3, one of the most isolated places on earth: no roads, 1100 km from Adelaide and 1500 km from Perth. A sign is all that […]

Turtle Trekking – In Search of Costa Rica’s Arribadas

(First appeared in Westworld Magazine, 6/04,second rights, website www.travelwriterstales.com.) Photos by Casa Romantica Beneath a dense black ledge of clouds a full moon hoists itself above the horizon, revealing the best place to cross the swollen rivers. We can’t believe our luck. The downpour that has assailed us since dawn has stopped just in time […]

Hoodoo Hunting in Alberta

(First appeared on the www.touristtravel.com website, 7/06 and www.takeoffeh.com on 8/06.) We were no larger than specks of pepper in the dinosaur’s mouth. Drumheller really does have the largest dinosaur on the planet. At 26.2 metres (86 ft. tall) the Tyrannosaurus rex peers down at the town from almost every vantage point. Fortunately it knows […]

Delving down under

If I had to come up with one word to describe Australia, it would have to be ‘beaches’. Nonstop beaches going on forever. If I had to come up with a second word, it might be wine. Nonstop vineyards going on forever. A third word? Well, maybe birds. They’re like bits of the rainbow broken […]

Broken Windows

by Patricia Nolan Polestar Book Publishers, S.C., $16.95, 176 pp. From the 10 year old Sylvia who distances herself from the pain of her father’s womanizing and her mother’s illness through caricaturing his lovers and photographing her father hugging her mother’s ashes, to the middle aged male traveling to the funeral of an aunt who […]

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