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Tripping the Oregon Coast

I don’t think it’s possible to ever tire of driving the Oregon Coast. It’s all about superlatives. The world’s smallest navigatable harbour at Depoe Bay. The largest wooden structure of its kind in the world – the Air Museum hangar – at Tillamook, and at Cannon Beach, the third-tallest intertidal monolith (235-feet) in the world. […]

Cruising to Quebec’s Madeleine Islands on board the Vacancier

Searching for Sunshine on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast

The propane fireplace is really battling to heat this tent. I wonder if Kevin Toth, whose brainchild this was, took into account the heating bills when he came up with the idea of stringing 13 tents along a 2400 ft. wooden walkway hanging over the Malaspina Strait? These tents have become very popular with newlyweds; […]

Rosebud blooms away in the Albertan Badlands

What’s smaller than a hamlet? Rosebud, Alberta. About 90 people live in this south west rural community and almost all of them are involved in the Rosebud Theatre. Celebrating its 26th season now, the theatre operates a theatre school along with its mainstage productions, about 5 of them a year. It has become a really […]

Leonard Cohen is alive and well and still sexy

Leonard Cohen – rock on! Went to his Victoria concert Tuesday night, along with hoards of others, mainly we females of a certain age. And were we ever well behaved, too. I’ll bet the arena has never had such a polite group. There were no panties thrown on stage, no outbursts, just lots of applause […]

Between Gardens

Observations on Gardening, Friendship and Disability by Carol Graham Chudley and Dorothy Field Polestar Book Publishers, S.C.. $24.95, 240 pp. The letters capture ephemeral moments and chronicle a special time in the women’s lives while also giving the reader insights into gardening and nature. Although they were neighbours, Carol’s idea to share observations, perceptions and […]

Silent Inlet

by Joanna Streetly Oolichan Books S.C. $22.95, 448 pp. Five years ago, Hannah escaped from Hansen Sound, a storm-wrapped, isolated sliver of village on Vancouver Island’s west coast. She fled north to train and work as a nurse, perhaps desperate for the reliable rays of a Yukon sun. In the sopping bi-cultural home of her […]

Getting the Details Right

Focus on Women text by Cherie Thiessen, photography by Tony Bounsall                        Jennifer Barr’s Arts and Craft Home Sometimes a house is more than a home. For Jennifer and Colin Barr, the one and a half storey Craftsman bungalow is their hobby, their passion, their showpiece, and their child. And, like a well loved […]

Hiking the Wonderland Trail

A peak experience on Mount Rainier One hundred feet above the chasm, the Tahoma Creek suspension bridge hung, narrow, 250 feet across, and swaying. No good telling me that it was perfectly safe and had recently been improved. I love hiking but I have a raging and irrational fear of heights. This, then, was my […]

Someone’s Coming

Beautiful BC Traveller Magazine           text by Cherie Thiessen Top ten skinny-dipping holes of B.C. I dive for cover behind some rocks. My mother, a dignified 75, smiles serenely at the startled couple who have just arrived and are cowering behind their picnic hamper, and invites them in for a dip. Not used to seeing […]

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