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10 Places to see Spectacular Sunsets

Pacific Yachting           text and photography by Cherie Thiessen Sunset watching in paradise Anywhere the promise of a beautiful sunset presents itself there is a hush over the land and sea, people momentarily pause and life stills. Sunsets are works of art. While you cannot create the art, you can select the frame. Last summer […]

Going in Circles

Marco Polo Magazine           text and photography by Cherie Thiessen Canal boating in Great Britain There is no way in the world that Red Duke is going to get through that gap under the bridge. Oh dear. "Can you see the boat coming toward you?" My husband David, is trying to be casual but not […]

Kingfisher Spa

Western Living           text and photography by Cherie Thiessen       Hot rocks Take some smooth sea stones from the beach and put them in the magic, reverential hands of a trained therapist. Now add just the right amount of heat to stir up some sighs, mix in sounds of the sea and the tumbling pebbles […]

Two Souls Departing

Traveler Magazine           text and photography by Cherie Thiessen Cycling New Zealand’s North Island Maori legend has it that at the site of the famous pohutukawa tree located at Cape Reinga, Maori spirits depart on their journey to their final resting place. A weathered white lighthouse also marks this northernmost point of New Zealand where […]

Patagonia Passage

The Traveler text and photography by Cherie Thiessen I hold unto the side of the building to prevent the unrelenting Puerto Natales wind from turfing me onto the busy road. It has already scooped up at least five travellers, backpacks and all. One of the airborne was my partner, who is now laid up in […]

The Hope Bay Phoenix

– Aqua Magazine           text by Cherie Thiessen, photography by Kevin Oke In the early hours of February 23, 1998, many North Pender Island residents awoke to sirens. Those who lived near Hope Bay and looked out at the rosy glow tinting the night had further cause for alarm. The historic Hope Bay store was […]

Celebrating the Light

The Pender Islands’ Lantern Festival – Westworld, Daytripper   At a quarter to five at the end of December, the light is fast disappearing at North Pender Island’s small community park on Magic Lake. Children and adults are gathering along the road and the shore while Pender Islands’ own RCMP vehicle tries valiantly to stop […]

The Sun Also Rises

Westworld – Postcards           text and photography by Cherie Thiessen Love in the land of the rising sun "Irasshaimase", a discrete velvety voice greets us from somewhere above the crystal chandelier as soon as the glass doors have automatically opened, allowing us to skulk into the spacious, gleaming lobby. There is, however, no-one in sight. […]

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