A) Personal
Born in Ontario, lives and educated on the west coast of British Columbia.

Married, age – fit fifties, active hiker, cyclist, sailor, gardener, VW van camper enthusiast, environmentalist, proponent of “living lightly on the planet” and of organic foods.

An expert on the fine art of playing.

Adventurer and lover of unusual, active and independent travel.

B) Educational

M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

Recipient of William Rea Scholarship for graduate studies in fields relating to television and two Canada Council Grants plus several playwriting awards.

C) Professional

Six years as scriptwriter for several television series: (King of Kensington, Beachcombers, The Magic Ark, Huckleberry Finn and his Friends.)

Twenty years of writing for radio (plays, documentaries, travelogues.)

Film writer for the National Film Board.

Educational video producer and writer for the University of Zulu land, Natal.

Creative Writing instructor for the University of Victoria, and Northwest Community College in Northern B.C.

Instructor in writing for Continuing Studies, University of Victoria, 1994-current.

Instructor in English writing skills at Shanxi Teachers College, China for one year, University of Zulu land, Africa for two years, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen, Japan for two years.

Member of Canadian Writers, Federation of B.C. Writers, Playwrights Union of Canada and BC Travel Writers Association.