It’s about playing. It’s about stepping off the familiar path and leaving myself open to whatever the world wants to throw at me, or teach me. When I travel, every day is new and much is unexpected. I have to reinvent myself in different ways, often alter the way I see things, adjust my attitudes and yes – my prejudices. It’s about learning. If you go with an eager, open mind, travel is the ultimate education. I would be a different person if I hadn’t always been curious about the world and eager to experience as much of it as I could. I think I would have been less of one, because it’s about growing
too, and I consider myself blessed that at an age when many people have settled into their old habits and routines, sheltered with their things and hanging tight to values that have never been taken out of the closet and tested, I have discovered a way to keep myself challenged and open to life’s lessons. Among many things, travel has taught me that life should not about acquiring possessions; possessions don’t teach. It should not be about wearing blinkers and thinking you have all the answers. It’s opening yourself up that allows you to grow. It’s the questions that matter. It’s the experiences.
It's about opening yourself up
Lastly, it’s about sharing. I’ve had a wonderful time as a travel writer because you have wanted to read what I write. So thank you for visiting my site and allowing me to share some of my joy with you.