Editors’ Comments

What have they got to say?

“Also, should let you know that I was at the Log and Cottage show in Calgary this weekend, and we got so many comments about your story on Wally’s cordwood home. It really was a hit.” Jocelyn Cooper, Editor, Cottage Magazine.

 I just finished reading “D’Arcy, If You Dare.”  Nice job. It’s a wonderful tale of sadness and spookiness, set amidst our beautiful cruising grounds. You did a great job of capturing the story.” “It’s a delight to work with you and I really appreciate your professionalism.” Jeffery Briggs, Past Editor, Pacific Yachting NW, Seattle.

“Good work!” Martin Zibaur, Deputy Editor, Cottage Life Magazine, Toronto

‘I just wanted to thank you for being such a delight to work with. You’re a very talented writer and a lovely person to boot!” Brooke Lockyer, past Editor www.takeoffeh.com

“I appreciated the thought, quality of writing, and honesty that went into your review, which I was thrilled to see when I woke up way too early this morning to go to work. You scored some major points that other reviewers haven’t addressed. An author can’t ask for more than an intelligent read, great placement of a review, and a response from the heart (and brain), such as the one you provided.” Jerry  Sander, author, Permission Slips.  

“Please thank Cherie on my behalf for this review. It is very well put together and I think she, more than anybody else so far, gets what I was trying to do in terms of assembling images, text and factual support.” Rodger Touchie, Publisher, Heritage House.

 “I greatly appreciate your prompt and worthwhile reviews.” Alan Twigg, Publisher and editor, B.C. Bookworld

“Your review of Brain Work is on top on January for Monday. I dunno, Cherie: your reviews just seem to me to get better and better! This is an especially super one.” Linda Richards, Editor, January Magazine

“By the way, I saw your ‘D’Arcy If You Dare’ story in August’s Pacific Yachting. You really knocked it out of the ballpark with that one! It was a great piece of work, nicely done!” Simon Hill, Editor, Boat Journal and Nor’ Westing.

“Cherie — you’re a dream for an editor!! Everything you’ve proposed sounds fine. Thanks so much for everything. Your skills and reliability make my job so much easier. ”  Gail Sjuberg, Editor, Aqua Magazine, Salt Spring. 

“It’s looking great!” Anne Rose, editor, Westworld.

“Thanks for the sunsets article…a very nice job! I’m looking forward to seeing the pix.” …. “Thanks again for a great job… and delivered early. What a concept!”
Duart Snow, past editor,
Pacific Yachting

“Cherie is a joy to work with; she’s professional, has good ideas, meets deadlines, is creative and easy to work with.”
Leslie Campbell, Publisher, Focus on Women, Victoria

“Your canal boating story was a hit.  Got any more stories?”
James Plouf, Editor, Marco Polo

“Thanks Cherie. It was great working with you.”
Marion Harrison, Past editor, Explore Magazine

Editorial staff, Westworld

“Thanks for the story … it’s great!”
Natasha Muslih, Editorial assistant, Western Living

“Thanks for such a wonderful selection of great visuals to accompany your 10 super sunsets story!”
Christine Kondo, past Editorial assistant, Pacific Yachting Magazine

“I’d like to see your monthly letter from Pender continue. It’s a good column and it’s well-written, as was your Africa material.”
John Wells, past editor, Times Colonist Daily

“Loved the Mayne Island piece! Thanks so much for the good work.” Hilary Hennegar, Past Assistant Editor, Pacific Yachting. (www.pacificyaching.com)

“Cherie, you’re a dream for an editor.” Gail Sjuberg, Acting Editor, Aqua Magazine. (www.aquamagazine.com)

“Thanks for another great one”, David Webb, past editor, Cottage Magazine. (www.cottagemagazne.com)

“What is it with you? You just keep getting better and better. Seriously: I can’t say which of these I like best. They’re all great.” Linda Richards, Editor, January Magazine. (www.janmag.com)

“Have I forgotten to thank you again? You’re so reliable I never have to worry about your stuff; always in on time and always good.” Simon Hill, Editor, Mariner Life. (www.anchorpublishing.com)

“Just reading this piece makes me want to hit the road and rattle on up there…love these kinds of roadtrips.” Anne Rose, Editor, Westworld Magazine.

D’Arcy If You Dare” is absolutely wonderful. Totally compelling, delightfully written. A smash hit!”
Beth Taylor, copy editor, Pacific Yachting NW, Seattle

“Good stuff, indeed, Cherie. Good stuff indeed. Thank you for turning in such a wonderful piece. It will help make PY PNW a more interesting magazine.” Jeffrey Briggs, pat editor, Pacific Yachting NW.

“Thanks Cherie. This is delightful.” Alan Twigg, Editor, B.C. Bookworld.