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April 22nd, 2009  |  Published in Hot off the press

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          text and photography by Cherie Thiessen


 Hot rocks

Take some smooth sea stones from the beach and put them in the magic, reverential hands of a trained therapist. Now add just the right amount of heat to stir up some sighs, mix in sounds of the sea and the tumbling pebbles of a rain stick, and you’ve got some of the unique elements of a sea stone massage at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa on Vancouver Island. 

This new treatment – planned for introduction this winter – is one of the Kingfisher’s West
Coast takes on established therapies.

Kingfisher spa experts are always tinkering with recipes and adding indigenous touches to its European spa menu. The sea stone massage, for example, is inspired by another, currently popular treatment, La Stone Therapy. 

But "taking local sea stones and using their ability to retain heat makes the treatment a bit more special," says Spa Director Lori Nawrot. What’s next? There’s thought of introducing a fresh new ingredient: cold rocks.

Who Needs to Know: Anyone seeking a West Coast approach to Nirvana.

How to Get It: Call the Kingfisher Spa at 800-663-7929,
e-mail them at
or visit their website at 

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